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Welcome to request_blinkie. This a community that allows blinkies to get filled out, pixels to be turned into blinkies, and the occasional request-taking from makers. Everybody can post, but your posts are moderated to fit the community's needs and rules.


All requests must first be approved. If you are requesting more than three pixels/blinkies, you must use an lj-cut. If you are requesting 1 to 3 pixels/blinkies, you don't need an lj-cut.

When requesting a blinkie or a pixel, please specify whether it's a blinkie or pixel edit in your post.

If you request something, YOU MUST PICK IT UP. No acceptions. Makers will give you set date to pick it up. If you do not pick it up by then, tough luck.

DO NOT HOTLINK. Hotlinking is a big no-no and will get you automatically banned.

Once your request has been filled, you must put in the subject line "Request filled."

If a maker fills out a pixel request, you must credit either them or the community, whichever the maker specifies. If you don't, you will be given 1 warning. If it happens again, you'll be banned. HOWEVER, you do not need to credit the maker if they fill out a blinkie request. It's easy to add text. Make sure you credit the blinkie creator, though!







Want to be a maker? Click here.







Want to be one? Reply in any of the makers/moderator's posts.


BLINKIE - The decorative design of a person's name or other name, usually flashy and adorned with decorative boxes and a pixel.

PIXEL - A small image usually drawn by hand and used to decorate other images or words.

FREEWARE - A graphic that was made for the public to use, share, and distort to their liking. Basically, something you can take without need to give credit.

LJ-CUT - An LJ link used to make your posts smaller.

HOTLINKING - Right-clicking on an image and using the link without permission. To avoid hotlinking, save the picture to your computer, and upload it at an image-hosting site, such as Photobucket.

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